A sampling of recent tech-focused projects

Meet Canvs: The Company Turning Your Emojis And Hashtags Into Emotions

Billed as a focus group for the 21st century, the company has developed a product that analyzes social media posts (sarcasm, misspellings, conflicting emojis and hashtags, included) across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and extracts emotional reactions. Those Game of Thrones Facebook fans? 36% were excited. And the This Is Us Twitter following? 25.5% of them expressed love.

Data Science Proves We Love to Hate-Watch TV

Villains have been integral to human storytelling for thousands of years. But the study shows the specific magnitude that feelings of hate have in drawing an audience into a plot.

The brand winners & losers of Super Bowl LI

Advertisers shelled out as much as $5 million for 30 seconds of screentime time during this year’s big game, according to ad-tracker Kantar Media. But official sponsors weren’t alone in trying to nab some attention: Countless other brands also tried to cash in on an highly-engaged second screen audience on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and, most importantly, Twitter.

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