Entertainment Projects

Branded Content Partnership with AskMen 

January 2015

Secured HISTORY’s first-ever “always on” content partnership with men’s digital publisher, AskMen.

Key results include: Double the time spent on HISTORY-branded articles when compared to standard AskMen articles; 17% higher than average completion rate than the rest of site content.

50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination 

November 2013


Led the strategy, planning, and execution of HISTORY's 50th Anniversary JFK assassination specials, including a Twitter takeover of events 'as they happened' in 1963. 

History Brand Day

October 2013

Faciliated the stragetic planning and execution of the first annual HISTORY Brand Day, a vendor day focused on generating first-to-market ideas from our core vendors. Brand Day included strategic partnership meetings with companies like Facebook, ESPN, BuzzFeed, IGN, YouTube, Hulu, etc.

Key partnership to develop from meeting was HISTORY's partnership with ESPN for Vikings S2.

Hatfields & McCoys Social Media Strategy

May 2012


Spearheaded the digital & social media campaigns for Emmy-award winning miniseries Hatfields & McCoys.

With 13.9 million viewers tuned into the first of three parts, it was the most-watched single broadcast on ad-supported cable ever, excluding sports.

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